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Refillable Scented Dryer Balls

Refillable Scented Dryer Balls

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Introducing our scented wool dryer balls, the natural and eco-friendly way to soften your laundry and make it smell amazing! Made from 100% pure New Zealand wool, these balls are gentle on your clothes and skin, and are a great alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Our dryer balls come in a set of 2, each measuring 2.8 inches in diameter. They are designed to be used in your dryer to help reduce drying time by up to 25%, saving you energy and money. The balls work by separating your clothes and allowing hot air to circulate more efficiently, which also helps to reduce static and wrinkles.

But that's not all - our dryer balls are also scented with high-quality fragrance oils, which add a delightful fragrance to your laundry! 

Goddess- (THINK SWEET GRACE) Green, citrusy, fresh top notes with floral middle notes of rose, jasmine & lily

 Luxe: (THINK DIVA) Clean, ozone, fruity green top notes with jasmine, lily of the valley, mid notes of lavender, and woody, earthy, and musky bottom notes.

Brazilian Summers: A sweet, nutty concoction that combines the aromas of pistachio and almond with delicate floral notes of heliotrope and jasmine. A decadently warm base of caramel, sandalwood, and vanilla is complemented with a hint of salt to round out this vibrantly sweet aroma.

 Enchanted Rouge: A lustrous and enlightened fragrance of jasmine and saffron that rest tenderly on the top while the blend of cedar and fir make up the heart of the accord and finally the ambergris gives it both the warm and cool at the same time.

 Volcanic: Delectable tropical fruits and juicy sugared citruses make up the body of this refreshing fragrance. Oranges, lemons and limes intertwined with delicate white blossoms combine to form a very delightfully unique aromatic accord.



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